Fribol® is owned by HH BOLCHER ApS , which is a Danish, family-owned company located by Jammerbugten in North Jutland. In inspiring and scenic surroundings, we combine the best craft traditions with a modern and automated production setup, so we, among other things. can supply pharmacy markets and various retail stores across national borders.


Fribol® covers a range of care products especially useful for various cough and throat disorders, dry mouth and bad breath. Common to the care products are their starting point in natural herbal extracts and various raw materials, which are popularly known for their properties in connection with genes.  Fribol® also covers a series of tasty, sugar-free sweets for the sweet tooth.  

  • Fribol® can be safely eaten by people with a sugar-free lifestyle, as we use the filler Polydextrose and the sweetener Sucralose.  

  • Fribol® is rich in dietary fiber

  • Fribol® is sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free  

  • Fribol® does not cover medicines and dietary supplements.  

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