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naturlige urter timian
naturlige urter timian


Fribol is located on the north-west coast of Jutland in the Jammerbugt area - in the middle of beautiful nature on a former smallholding that the couple Dorte and Stefan Christiansen took over in the early 1990s.


At the turn of the millennium, they put all their love into the art of candy-making and opened a candy factory for the delight of locals and tourists from near and far. They produced both conventional and organic sugar candies, as well as sugar-free candies under the name Fribol. Today, Fribol covers both sugar-free products and products without added sugar.

The entrepreneurial spirit was thriving, and one particular question arose after a visit from a woman who was specifically looking for a candy that could relieve her cough.

Dorte and Stefan were determined to explore and rethink the potential of candy and launched a series of experiments based on the plant kingdom and new as well as old home remedies for cough and throat problems.

Could the otherwise traditional candy do more than indulge the sweet tooth? Could a candy be created that was so refreshing and at the same time avoided the use of medication?

That question was the starting point for the story of, among others, Fribol Hoste/Hals and our still ongoing vision of creating products with a caring and remedial potential. A vision that is based on a range of natural herbal extracts, essential oils, and refreshing ingredients, each contributing to the products' refreshing and unique properties for different ailments.

The conclusion of the story should be that the woman who was searching for a cough drop in the past found her search fulfilled with Fribol. Unfortunately, we do not know who she is and cannot ask her. But we do know that thousands of people today eat Fribol for good reasons - and we also hope that you can enjoy our products.


The recipe for Fribol Hoste/Hals has been a well-kept secret for many years, but even though we cannot reveal too much, we can still say that the entire series is based on the same unique basic recipe.

The basic recipe is a very special blend of a wide range of natural herbal extracts and essential oils - we use, among other things, a carefully selected extraction from the herb Thyme as well as from the licorice root. We also extract some of our herbal extracts ourselves, whose properties and flavor compounds contribute to the basis for the products' unique and refreshing properties.

In addition to the unique herbal blend that all variants are based on, we add a range of other refreshing ingredients depending on the variant. For example, ginger from the ginger plant's rhizome, which can be found in Fribol Hoste/Hals Ingefær. It could also be the natural substance Propolis, which bees produce.


Furthermore, we have made sure that the products contain a total of 80-90g dietary fiber per 100g, making them a good source of fiber.

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