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Shipping rates depend on the weight of the order and the delivery address. If your country is not listed below please contact us for further information:

  • Germany: 65-87 DKK

  • United Kingdom: 79-89 DKK

  • Austria: 109-144 DKK

  • Belgium: 79-89 DKK 

  • France: 99-144 DKK

  • Finland: 89-109 DKK

  • Czech republic: 109 DKK 

  • Estonia: 119-173 DKK

  • Spain: 79-109 DKK

  • Greece: 119-173 DKK

  • Hungary: 119-144 DKK 

  • Ireland: 119-144 DKK 

  • Lithuania: 119-144 DKK 

  • Luxembourg: 89-109 DKK 

  • Latvia: 89-109 DKK 

  • Poland: 109 DKK 

  • Portugal: 79-109 DKK 

  • Romania: 119-173 DKK 

  • Slovenia: 119-173 DKK 

  • Slovakia: 119-173 DKK

Orders will be shipped with CoolEurope to the nearest package store within 4-10 working days. We do not ship to Sweden and Norway. Fribol are – among others – available at pharmacies in those two countries. 

Track & Trace

All orders will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail. Once an order ships a confirmation e-mail will be sent containing a tracking number and a link for the tracking history. You can track your order here.

CVR: 25308549
Udklitvej 31
9690 Fjerritslev
Telefon: +45 51 89 22 78



Visa/Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, og American Express.


No fees will be charged at All prices at the webshop are in Danish krone (DKK). We reserve the right to change the prices without further notice – however, not after a purchase has been realized. 

RETURRET offers a 14-full right of cancellation, counting from the day the product what received. The right of cancellation ends 14 days after the day you:

  1. Receive your product

  2. Receive the last product into your physical possession, if it is an order for several different products combined into one order but which are delivered separately. 

  3. Receive the last batch or the last part into your physical possession, if it is an order for a product that consists of several batches or parts. 

You must notify us of your intention to return your purchase within 14 days of receiving it. The notification must be sent to / +45 51 89 22 78. In your message, you must make us clearly aware that you wish to exercise your right of cancellation.

You cannot cancel just by refusing to receive the product without giving us clear notice of this.

You must send your product back to us without undue delay - and within 14 days after you have notified us that you want to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct costs of returning the product. When returning a product, you are responsible for ensuring that it is packed securely. You bear the risk of the product from the time it is delivered. The product must be traceable, and the costs are borne by yourself.

You lose your right of cancellation if you break the seal on products that, for health and hygiene reasons, are then not suitable to be returned. If the product is opened we consider it to have been used, which means that, in the case of cancellation of the purchase, only some or none of the purchase amount will be returned, depending on the commercial value of the product.

If you cancel your purchase, the goods must be sent to:

Han Herred Bolcher I/S
Att: Customer service
Udklitvej 31
9690 Fjerritslev

Refunding of the purchase amount
If you cancel your purchase, you will of course receive back the amount you have paid to us. In the event of an impairment that you are liable for, it will be deducted from the purchase price.

If you use your right of cancellation, we will refund all of your expenses - including, if applicable, delivery costs associated with the purchase (however excluding extra costs due to your choice of delivery other than the cheapest standard delivery that we offer) without undue delay, and in any case within 14 days from the date we received your notice of your decision to withdraw from the agreement. We make such a repayment with the same payment method that you used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

We can withhold the reimbursement until we have received the product unless you have sent documentation that you have returned it already.

What do I need to send back? 
You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. 

Please note! We do not receive packages sent cash on delivery (COD).

The deficiency provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act can apply to purchases of products.

Obviously, it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen due to incorrect use of the product or other damaging behaviour.


How quickly do I have to submit a complaint?
You must complain “within a reasonable amount of time” after discovering the deficiency on the product. If you complain within two months after the deficiency was discovered, this will always be considered timely.

Please contact us via kundeservice@fribol.dkfor such matters.


If your claim is justified, we will of course refund your (reasonable) shipping costs.

Send the product to: 
Han Herred Bolcher I/S
Att: Costumer service
Udklitvej 31

9690 Fjerritslev

We need the following information when you send the product to us:

When you return the product, please state the nature of the problem in as much detail as possible.

Please note! We do not receive packages sent cash on delivery (COD) or via similar means.

Remember that the product must always be returned in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for the shipment so that we can refund your shipping costs.




How we use your personal data (the EU’s GDPR)


In order to shop at, we need the following information: 



Phone number

Email address


We register the above information in order to be able to deliver the product to you and in order to ensure that the shipment can be traced. 

Personal information is registered with Han Herred Bolcher I/S and kept for five years, after which date it will be deleted.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that your consent is given, so that you are informed about precisely what information is collected and why.

We do not store and transmit customer information in an encrypted form.

Information provided to is thus not transmitted in any way to third parties.

When registered at Han Herred Bolcher I/S, you always have the right to object to this registration. You also have the right to inspect the information recorded about you.


You have these rights pursuant to the EU’s GDPR, and when contacting us about such matters please write to Han Herred Bolcher I/S by email


Personal data can be stored and processed internally in the company, including in Han Herred Bolcher I/S. The data can be transferred to select and trusted third parties in order to process orders, including processing of payments and shipping of products or supplying other services such as administration, complaints and returns, etc. Additionally, personal data can be transferred to the proper authorities in the event of misuse or a criminal investigation.

We do not sell our customers’ data under any circumstances.


If you wish to complain about your purchase, please write




Udklitvej 31

9690 Fjerritslev

Tlf.: 51 89 22 78


Man-tor: 8:00-16:00

Fre: 08:00-15.00

© 2021 HH BOLCHER ApS All rights reserved. CVR: 41445998






Fribol® ejes af HH BOLCHER ApS

og dækker over produkter til plejning af bl.a. hoste/hals gener, mundtørhed og dårlig ånde. Fribol® dækker også over en serie af velsmagende, sukkerfri bolcher til den søde tand. Vi anvender fyldstoffet Polydextrose og søder alle vores produkter med Sucralose. 

  • Fribol® kan roligt spises af folk med en sukkerfri livsstil.

  • Fribol® er rig på kostfibre

  • Fribol® er sukkerfri, glutenfri og fedtfri 

  • Fribol® dækker ikke over lægemidler og kosttilskud. 

Find eller bliv forhandler 







Hos Fribol® lægger vi stor vægt på gode samarbejder med brands, influencers og forhandlere, som vi deler værdier med. Vigtigst for os er det, at vi kan se en synergi mellem vores egen mission og den som vores samarbejdspartner har. Hvis du er interesseret i at samarbejde med eller forhandle Fribol®, så send en mail og beskriv, hvordan samarbejdet kan gavne både dig og/eller din virksomhed samt Fribol®. 


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