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Fribol® is owned by HH BOLCHER ApS

and covers products for the care of i.a. cough / sore throat, dry mouth and bad breath. Fribol® also covers a series of tasty, sugar-free sweets for the sweet tooth. We use the filler Polydextrose and sweeten all our products with Sucralose.  

  • Fribol® can be safely eaten by people with a sugar-free lifestyle.

  • Fribol® is rich in dietary fiber

  • Fribol® is sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free  

  • Fribol® does not cover medicines and dietary supplements.  

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Brands / influencers / dealers

At Fribol®, we place great emphasis on good collaborations with brands, influencers and retailers with whom we share values. Most important to us is that we can see a synergy between our own mission and that of our partner. If you are interested in collaborating with or negotiating Fribol®, send an email and describe how the collaboration can benefit both you and / or your company and Fribol®.  


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